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Who Are We?
Wholesale Shawls is brought to you by Shawlz.in - an export house based in Amritsar, in Punjab State of North India. We are in exports of shawls and handicrafts since 1992. Our supply partners are Internationally recognized and certified (ISO 9001) and produce the Best Quality, Fine Crafted shawls and handicrafts. We have a dedicated team of experienced designers and Kashmiri workmen who work closely with our supply partners to produce masterpieces. 

Quality Statement
Our main concentration is on Quality and NOT Quantity. Every shawl goes through a series of Quality Checks so that you get the Best Quality product.

Price Guarantee 
We offer the lowest prices. You won't get the same quality product on prices that we offer. Want to know why? - Amritsar (city where we are based) is one of the largest manufacturer of Shawls & Handicrafts in the world! Some of the finest and best shawls are manufactured in Amritsar and sold worldwide with exorbitant price tags. We are linked directly with the manufacturers since our establishment (1992) and are able to get best prices from them. This is the reason that a Shawl costing $150 in a New York Store, will cost you $20 here at wholesaleshawls.com.

Why Us?

  • Excellent Quality Products: Our guarantee to you, we sell only excellent quality products in our store.

  • Updated Information: All products have a unique description. 

  • Fast Delivery: Unlike many other stores that keep their customers waiting for weeks, our customers will receive their orders in 7-10 days. 

  • Lowest Price: You won't find such shawls even at 200% of our prices! That's our promise. 

  • Constantly New Offerings: This is a store with exciting new arrivals frequently. Please visit wholesaleshawls.com for continuing new and exciting offerings. 

Thank you for visiting wholesaleshawls.com. Enjoy this unique on-line shopping experience!

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